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Cloning and Why We Should Stop It!

Table of Contents
What Is Cloning and the History of Cloning
How Cloning is Done by Artificial Embryo Twinning and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
How the First Animal Cloned "Dolly"
Recombinant DNA Technology or DNA Cloning
Reproductive Cloning and Therapeutic Cloning
Pictures of Different Types of Cloning
Medical Problems
Problems During Later Development/ High Failure Rates
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Cloning
The Risks of Cloning
Arguments Against Cloning
Question that might just change your mind about Cloning
Cloning your own Mouse
Cloning Quiz # 1
Cloning Quiz # 2

Question that might just change your mind about Cloning

1.  Is cloning playing with nature?
2.  Are embryos that die, killing a child?
3.  Who are the fathers of the clone if the cloning ways only have the mothers DNA in them?
4.  What and how many challenges will the clone face?
5.  Who has the right to create something not from God?
6.  Will cloning take people away from adoption?
7.  Will cloning take people away from orphans?
8.  Will health care cover clones?
9.  How will they function in the world?
10.  Will they be used for armies and slaves?
11.  How do you take care of all the defect the clone might have?
12.   Will the Government help out families with clones?
13.  Will clones be able to go to school? Who will pay for the schooling of clones?
14. What do you do if the clone does die?
15.  Who decides who takes care of the clones?