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Cloning and Why We Should Stop It!

Table of Contents
What Is Cloning and the History of Cloning
How Cloning is Done by Artificial Embryo Twinning and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
How the First Animal Cloned "Dolly"
Recombinant DNA Technology or DNA Cloning
Reproductive Cloning and Therapeutic Cloning
Pictures of Different Types of Cloning
Medical Problems
Problems During Later Development/ High Failure Rates
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Cloning
The Risks of Cloning
Arguments Against Cloning
Question that might just change your mind about Cloning
Cloning your own Mouse
Cloning Quiz # 1
Cloning Quiz # 2

The Risks of Cloning

The Risks of Cloning:
  1. Expensive and to many failures
  2. There is a 90% failure rate
  3. More then 100 nuclear transfers produced to create one clone
  4. Immune system problems
  5. High rates of infections like tumor growths and other disorders
  6. To many deaths
  7. The clones are very large
  8. Not enough data has been produces of how clones age because they die to fast
  9. Clones have died mysteriously
  10. Errors in the genetic materials from the donors
  11. Organ failures
  12. Rapid cancer growth
  13. For all the work and money that goes into cloning they do not have good enough information to do anything with it.
  14. Many miscarriages
  15. Liver problems
  16. Cloning brings in all the hot topics in the world that are against things like abortion and religion because abortions are the same as the failures of cloning killing and embryo. Also religion because who say they can play God.
  17. So many attempts for so little results
  18. How will the brains function if they are so large and abnormal
  19. How will the body react to all the damage and disorders they have
  20. What do they do will all the dead embryos and the clones that actual function for some time until they die