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Cloning and Why We Should Stop It!

Table of Contents
What Is Cloning and the History of Cloning
How Cloning is Done by Artificial Embryo Twinning and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
How the First Animal Cloned "Dolly"
Recombinant DNA Technology or DNA Cloning
Reproductive Cloning and Therapeutic Cloning
Pictures of Different Types of Cloning
Medical Problems
Problems During Later Development/ High Failure Rates
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Cloning
The Risks of Cloning
Arguments Against Cloning
Question that might just change your mind about Cloning
Cloning your own Mouse
Cloning Quiz # 1
Cloning Quiz # 2

Arguments Against Cloning

The Arguments:

  1. To many attempts
  2. Inbreeding
  3. Genetic defects
  4. Can the clone be consider a child of God even though it was not created naturally
  5. Just because it is cloned from Albert Einstein does not mean that every clone from him will be a genius like him. It could turn the clone is to a crazy killer like Adolph Hitler.
  6. What purpose does the clones have if they do live
  7. Cloning is an affront to human dignity
  8. It is unnatural
  9. Clones will not have individual souls
  10. Clones will become increasingly lower in society as more copies of the same individual is created

11. Clones can and will be used to create armies and slaves

12. Rich families will clone them selves so they can have extra organs to use on them selves if needed.

13. To many unrealistic expectations will be but on the clones

14. Cloning will create new forms of families

15. Cloning twins or triplets will be harmful to all

16. People will not have sexual reproduction if cloning is there because it is easier and plan less

17. People will get cloned without their consent

18. Cloning will only be affordable for rich families so it will make a bigger diversity between the middle and lower class families

19. Cloning is very unsafe

20. Cloning is a denial of death