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Cloning and Why We Should Stop It!

Table of Contents
What Is Cloning and the History of Cloning
How Cloning is Done by Artificial Embryo Twinning and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
How the First Animal Cloned "Dolly"
Recombinant DNA Technology or DNA Cloning
Reproductive Cloning and Therapeutic Cloning
Pictures of Different Types of Cloning
Medical Problems
Problems During Later Development/ High Failure Rates
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Cloning
The Risks of Cloning
Arguments Against Cloning
Question that might just change your mind about Cloning
Cloning your own Mouse
Cloning Quiz # 1
Cloning Quiz # 2

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Cloning

Ethical Problems With Cloning:

  • What would be the morals of the cloned human
  • Takes to many tried to get one actual clone
  • The clones that they actually create, many end up dieing
  • To many lethal birth defects occur to the clones
  • Should they or do they believe in a religion and what religion should they believe in
  • How and what will the clone learn
  • Will the clone be able to act and be like a normal human
  • How do you treat the clones
  • Are the clones real people
  • Should they be able to vote or have anything do to with the government
  • Technology is not safe enough to use on humans
  • The Clones can have rapid aging process  

Legal Issues:
  • Can cloning ever be legalized in 3rd World countries
  • What is the difference between abortions and the death of cloning
  • How do you tell the difference between the regular person and the clone
  • How do you know who’s fingerprints, and dental records and theirs
  • The clone take the right to privacy away from the person that helped clone them


Social Issues:

  • What should the cloned human be able to do on a day to day basis
  • Can the clone be able to survive in the world
  • Can it and will it produce offspring’s
  • What if the clone has defects will it be able to handle how the world treats them
  • Can or should the clone be able to have a religion or friends
  • How much does cloning affect the world
  • Where should the clone live and do those family get money to take care of the clone
  • The clones will all have no fathers because the eggs are taken from the mother and not the father
  • Goes against nature and the whole fertilization of their egg and sperm
  • In some countries the food and land are handed down to the son of the family how will it work because there is not father and some times no sons either



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